The Bridge at Brearley

Walkers are Welcome

Mytholmroyd is an official Walkers are Welcome town, so look out for the Walkers Are Welcome Here sign in pubs, cafes and shops, in and around Mytholmroyd.

Read about Walkers Are Welcome in the November 2011 issue of The Great Outdoors.

Walkers Are Welcome Sticker

Mytholmroyd became Britain's fourth Walkers Are Welcome town at a special launch event held on Saturday September 29th 2007.

Nearby Hebden Bridge hosted the first UK-wide Walkers Are Welcome conference in October 2007, at which the Walkers are Welcome Towns Network was established.

Walkers are Welcome towns undertake to meet the following six criteria:

  1. Demonstration of popular local support for the concept.
  2. Formal endorsement of application for Walkers Are Welcome status by local council.
  3. Action to ensure that rights of way are maintained in good condition.
  4. Adequate marketing of Walkers Are Welcome status.
  5. Encouragement of walking using public transport.
  6. Demonstration of mechanisms in place to maintain Walkers Are Welcome status.

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